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Passion Points

“Great style is not just about a great pair of Manolos, or an expensive Louis Vuitton bag, but about how one puts them all together.”

You will not see French women in head-to-toe leopard print.  You will also not see them wear a red dress with red shoes and red lipstick. French women do not mix colours like navy and yellow. Parisian fashion is about restraint and balance. Even when mixing unusual colours and prints, they exercise caution and stick to muted hues.

The French idea, then, is to take a something masculine, like an oversized smoking jacket, and make it feminine, by wearing nothing underneath it.

For some reason, people still don’t realise the importance of wardrobe basics, in spite of every fashion magazine¬†listing out such staples a billion times. The French, however, do; which is why they are always so well put-together. The idea here is not owning a lot of clothes, but owning those classic items which work with anything and can be paired with each other to create loads of looks.

The importance of basics exists because the French idea of fashion is that life should not be about spending all your time around a wardrobe, trying to figure your clothes out, because fuck, a woman has bigger fish to fry

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